Episode 38: How To Style A Bad, Boring, or Basic Outfit

July 20, 2021

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the exact steps you can take to turn a boring outfit into one that gives you an energy boost and real confidence for the day ahead. This episode is designed to be a mini training so you might want to listen when you have time to play with outfits in your closet to uncover what types of visual interest is your favorite for making a look more exciting. Listen in as I discuss how to style outfits that you’ll love along with these key points:

  • Why asking the right questions when you look in the mirror can help guide you more deeply towards your most aligned personal style or further away from your style instincts
  • Why I don’t believe some women are born with a “style gene” and others aren’t
  • The 5 easy questions to ask yourself when you look in the mirror to learn to create  better outfits
  • Some totally free styling tips that can make your outfit look more polished

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