Episode 37: How To Stop Letting Covid Weight Gain Get In The Way Of Your Style

July 1, 2021

The Self Styled Podcast Episode 37: Stop Letting Covid Weight Gain Get In The Way Of Your Style

In today’s episode, I’m talking about a subject coming up with almost everyone I discuss personal style with these days, Covid Weight gain and feeling held back from investing in our personal style. This episode will help you reframe your hesitation to buy new clothes if you tell yourself you should wait until you lose the weight. Listen in as I discuss:

  • The single most important  question you need to ask yourself about how you interacted with your style pre-pandemic?
  • How not dressing your body as it is today might be getting in the way of your visibility and the consequence this can have for many areas of your life
  • A few ways you can think about your body and your style to depersonalize weight gain and begin to move forward dressing the body you have with love and respect

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