The Self Styled Podcast Episode 35: How to Let Go Of Clothes You Haven't Worn in Years

In today’s episode, I’m digging into one of the things I see holding a lot of women back from fully sinking into their true personal style: their fear of letting go of clothes that aren’t serving them anymore. There are lots of reasons why we hold onto clothes that we never wear but today I’m looking at the ones that are most popular among clients and the women in my own life. Listen in to hear more about:

  • Why your fear that you’ll purge  something you “might need someday” is just your perfectionism in disguise 
  • Why holding onto clothes that might fit you in the future is a huge disservice to your future self
  • Practical tips for editing down your wardrobe if you tend to hold onto pieces of clothing for sentimental reasons
  • The sneaky way that having a lot of clothes in your closets that you don’t wear is connected to your relationship with shopping

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