In today’s episode, I’m talking about one of the most popular questions clients and members of my workshop ask me: should I create a capsule wardrobe? I’m sharing everything you need to know about what a capsule wardrobe is and how to decide if it’s right for you (because contrary to popular belief, it’s not for everyone). Listen in to learn:

  • What a capsule wardrobe is and how many pieces it takes to build a capsule wardrobe
  • How often you need to shop to maintain a capsule wardrobe
  • What lifestyle factors you should consider to know if this type of wardrobe is right for you
  • The steps to take before you create a capsule wardrobe if you want to avoid feeling lost and shopping excessively

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To learn more about how you can uncover your personal style so you can create a capsule that works for you and your lifestyle, check out my workshop, Style Your Brand.

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