Episode 33: Why Your Outfits Matter In Your Branding Photos & Your Business with Jessie Wyman

May 8, 2021

Self Styled Podcast Episode 33: The Power of Your Wardrobe in Your Brand Photos

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with brand photographer Jessie Wyman. Jessie is the photographer behind my 2020 website rebrand and I’ve been wanting to have her on to talk about her process and philosophy when it comes to brand photography.

Jessie is also a Style Your Brand Workshop alum. In this episode, she shares the impact completing the workshop had on transforming own personal style and how she looks at wardrobe styling for brand photo shoots differently as a result of what she learned. Listen in to learn:

  • What it takes to prepare for a successful branding photoshoot (including how long you should take to prepare)
  • Tips for being less nervous in front of the camera
  • The importance of wardrobe for a branding shoot
  • What brought Jessie to the Style Your Brand Workshop and how it transformed her personal style (including how it changed her relationship with shopping!)

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If you’re a photographer interested in Jessie’s branding photo course, check it out here: https://www.thebrandphotographermethod.com/

Want results like Jessie experienced in the Style Your Brand Workshop? Learn more about the workshop and join the waitlist for the next Style Your Brand Workshop here.

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