The Self Styled Podcast Episode 30: 5 Actionable Tips for Being Visible

In today’s episode, I’m sharing five actionable and specific tips for showing up when life feels hard because I don’t think there are enough places where women have the freedom to acknowledge that sometimes their personal and professional lives collide, making visibility especially challenging. The reality is that we do still have to show up and be visible but acting like nothing has to change in order for us to do that well is impossible and ridiculous. If you feel overwhelmed, sad, or like your bandwidth for showing up and being seen is very low, this episode is for you. Tune in to hear:

  • How pre-recording video content will save you so much time and sanity while also keeping you on track and visible
  • Why reusing your content isn’t just smart for your energy management, it’s smart for your personal brand
  • Why it’s ok to show up less (online + in person) and how to make showing up the most impactful when you have to
  • 3 tips for getting dressed when visibility and life feel tough
  • How making a list of energy draining tasks in your life and business can lead you to find solutions that help you through a hard time (and potentially  bring you new ways to experience happiness and fulfillment)

You can listen to Episode 13: 5 Tips for Becoming More Visible here

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