Episode 29: 6 Style Misconceptions That Are Keeping You From the Closet You Want

March 11, 2021

The Self Style Podcast Episode 29 | 6 Style Misconceptions

In today’s episode, I’m sharing some of the biggest misconceptions that get in the way of us having the type of wardrobe (and confidence) we desire. Tune in as I unpack the six most prevalent style misconceptions I see and how to reframe them so you can make progress and use your style as a tool in your self-expression. Common style misconceptions I cover  include:

  • “I have to overhaul my entire wardrobe to get results with my style.”
  • “The world is getting more casual so what I wear doesn’t matter.”
  • “I work from home/ rarely see clients in-person so style isn’t something I need to think about.”
  • “Focusing on my style only makes sense when I have a big budget.”
  • “I can and should expect my clothes to give me self-esteem.”
  • “I’ll start paying attention to my personal style when I feel better about my body.”

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