Episode 25: Redefining Self-Care and Screwing Expectations with Agnes Wainman

December 17, 2020

The Self Styled Podcast Episode 25: Redefining Self-Care with Agnes Wainman

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Agnes Wainman. Agnes is a clinical psychologist and founder of London Psychological Services. She helps people who suffer from Expectation Discrepancy Syndrome, a common condition where there is a distressing gap between expectations and reality.  Her approach is to Screw Expectations and create a life on your own terms. Listen in as we discuss: 

  • The problem with the definition of self-care society has thrust upon us
  • How Agnes’s views on self-care have shifted since her blog post on the topic went viral 
  • The expectations placed on women to ensure they can’t win 
  • If working on ourselves was enough we wouldn’t need self-help anymore. Agnes shares what she thinks we need instead
  • The ways that perfectionism and the persona of being a “hot mess” are keeping women from true connection and happiness
  • How and why Agnes is showing women to screw expectations 

Agnes’s blog on The Problem with Self-Care: https://www.screwexpectations.com/news/the-problems-with-self-care

Join Agnes’s mailing list to get updates on her book here: www.screwexpectations.com

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