In today’s episode, I’m sharing four lessons from my recent business rebrand. Business rebrands and wardrobe makeovers have a lot in common but the connection might not seem clear at first. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves, our business, and our brand is to leap before we’re ready and make the investment. 

How do you accurately assess if it’s the right time to make a big change in your branding if it’s a  bit of a financial stretch?  I’m sharing the four things to keep in mind before you make an investment and how to know when leaping before you’re ready– whether it’s a website rebrand or whole new wardrobe– is worth it. Tune in as I share more about:

  • What to ask to evaluate whether  you’ve outgrown your existing personal style/ branding or you’re trying to fix a different problem. 
  • How to find and invite the right experts  into your rebranding process
  • Why it’s critical to incorporate new systems into your new branding or wardrobe to ensure you  maintain your investment
  • What to ask yourself  to ensure that you don’t outgrow your new branding too fast so you can feel confident about the resources you’re devoting to your new look

Want to work with the amazing team who helped make my rebrand a reality? Connect with them below:  

Oh Sierra (Design Agency):

Oh Sierra on Instagram:

Erika Holmes (Copywriter):

Erika’s Podcast:

Brand photos by the talented Jessie Wyman:

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