Episode 22: How To Prepare Outfits For Your Branding Photo Shoot

November 12, 2020

In today’s episode, I’m covering how to  prepare your outfits for a branding photo shoot. Branding photo shoots are a critical piece of your marketing strategy if you’re an entrepreneur or a personal brand. They’re an investment in your business so they should be planned for with care. All too often I hear women say they left the preparation for their shoots to the last minute and ended up with photos they were less than in love with. Tune in to hear my more on these five tips for preparing for your photo shoot:

  • Tip 1: Give yourself more time than you think you need to plan
  • Tip 2: Find your outfit color scheme and what you need to think about when picking colors
  • Tip 3: Identify the contexts that these photos will be used in to plan the formality of your looks
  • Tip 4: Have a content plan so your photos make sense with your messaging
  • Tip 5: Learn why it’s important to plan at least one look that helps you live into the future of your brand 

Grab my guide to going from invisible to unforgettable in your branding photos here.

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