In today’s episode, I’m talking with business coach, Hanneke Antonelli about some very juicy topics. Hanneke is an award-winning and certified coach with over 15 years of international business experience. She has personally built two award-winning businesses in the last ten years. With so much  business experience under her belt, I wanted to have Hanneke on the show to talk about how women view money and investing in themselves as she has played an important role in transforming how I think about money in my own life and business. Listen in as we discuss: 

  • The biggest money blocks she sees in women when it comes to investing in themselves
  • What gets in the way of many women asking for help when it comes to money and business (and personal style)
  • How to stop fearing feeling vulnerable when it comes to consulting experts to expand your financial literacy and business growth
  • The most important thing you need to do as a business owner if you want to hire a team
  • What it means to fail forward and how important it is to normalize “failing” when you’re running a business
  • The mindset shift Hanneke thinks we should all make around the concept of “charging what your worth”

Grab a chapter from Hanneke’s upcoming book, The Uplevel Project here:




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