Episode 20: How To Use Your Style As A Form Of Non-Verbal Communication

October 22, 2020

The Self Styled Podcast Episode 20: How To Use Your Style As A Form Of Non-Verbal Communication

In today’s episode, I’m covering one of my favorite topics: how you can use your style as a form of nonverbal communication to make your personal brand more memorable.  

While political style may seem boring, speech writing teams and political advisors actually spend a significant amount of time looking at style as part of their overall communication plan. In light of that, I’m sharing three examples of what women in politics wore this year with you to illustrate how your clothes impact your non-verbal communication. Listen in to hear how you can use use your personal style to create a more memorable personal brand by learning:

  • How Ruth Badder Ginsberg’s collar made her memorable, and eventually iconic, by using an accessory as a visual reminder of how significant it was that she was a woman on the Supreme Court. Find out how you can use accessories like she did to help your audience connect more deeply with you and your message.
  • How Melania Trump’s outfit at the Republican National Convention this year was an example of how your personal style can overshadow your message if what you wear and what you say are not aligned (and how you can avoid doing this at your next talk or presentation)
  • How Kamala Harris’ decision to wear head-to-toe purple at the Democratic National Convention served to reinforce her identity and remind viewers that not all women were grated the right to vote in the U.S. on the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement. Learn some tips on how you can use color to reinforce your personal brand and deepen the impact of your message without saying a word.

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