In today’s episode, I’m sharing some of my best tips for dressing for TV and media appearances including why it’s important to think of your looks for media as a piece of your marketing strategy. Tune in to get my best advice for furthering your personal brand and detailed tips on how to pick your outfits for camera. I’m also covering:

  • Why you need to plan ahead for media appearances so you’re not reacting and picking options to wear that aren’t a good representation of your personal brand
  • The importance of a developing a signature look for media appearances to create memorability to build a relationship with viewers (to get them to buy or engage with you)
  • How having a signature look helps you get the attention of producers (and get booked more)
  • The most important factor you need to take into consideration when picking your outfit for TV
  • What types of fabrics to look for and what fabrics to avoid on camera
  • The most common colors that media studios use in their backgrounds and how to dress to look amazing on set

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