Episode 14: Dressing To Become A CEO On Your Own Terms with Stacey Harris

June 14, 2020

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with my good friend and marketing master, Stacey Harris. Stacey is the founder and CEO of digital marketing agency, Uncommonly More, a contract marketing department for female-owned brands ready to build a bigger impact.  Listen in to hear as Stacey candidly shares how her journey from solopreneur to CEO of an agency has unfolded alongside her continued exploration of her personal style.

Because Stacey can’t help but drop marketing gold whenever she opens her mouth, you’re also going to get some amazing advice on how to market your business and brand without feeling sleazy or inauthentic. In this episode, she also shares:

The key difference in marketing actions when you’re aiming for profitability vs. popularity

How to set social media metrics that you’re excited to hit AND are profitable

The important shift that happens when you change your business from a company name to your actual name as an entrepreneur

How  Stacey’s decision to dye her hair pink launched her business and mindset into a new space

…and so much more. Be sure to connect with Stacey at the links below.


Website: https://uncommonlymore.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thestaceyharris/

Hit The Mic Podcast: https://thestaceyharris.com/podcast

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