The Self Styled Podcast Episode 13: 5 Tips For Becoming More Visible

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my personal journey and struggle with visibility and the top five things that have helped me become more comfortable with being visible so I could grow my brand and business. If you tell yourself that you’re just someone who does better “behind the scenes”, this episode is for you. If you know you need to put yourself and your business out there more but feel anxious or hesitant, I’ve shared some ways to shift your mindset and easy steps to take to begin to build your confidence so you can grow your brand and business.

Tune in to hear more about each of these five tips:

Tip 1: How to uncover the conscious and unconscious stories about visibility from your past that you might be surprised are holding you back today (even and especially the beliefs that have nothing to do with your business or work). 

Tip 2: How to find the necessary balance between pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and not exhausting and depleting yourself in ways that won’t help your business or brand.

Tip 3:  Why it is critical to surround yourself with people who get what it’s like to be visible in the ways you want to be and why it’s critical to stop asking for advice and validation from people in your life who will never understand your visibility journey.

Tip 4: How to use your clothes to make stepping into your visibility more fun and something to look forward to.

Tip 5: The pep talk you can give yourself when you feel like hiding and not putting yourself out there.

If these tips resonated with you, I’d love to hear which ones you are going to put into action so send me DM or email and let me know!

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