Episode 11: Using Your Wardrobe To Solidify Your Personal Brand with Tara Newman

May 14, 2020

In today’s episode , I’m talking about how personal style and our personal brand are intertwined with my guest, Tara Newman. Tara is a business and leadership coach, the CEO of the Bold Leadership Revolution, and the founder of the BRAVE Society. She was my business coach for all of 2018 and 2019 and a  key driver behind me increasing my own visibility with this podcast. Tara coaches women business owners helping them financially profit and emotionally prosper by doing their most important work.

In this episode, Tara talks about her insights from participating in my Style Your Brand Workshop and what she uncovered about her style and her beliefs about personal style in the program. Here were some of her biggest takeaways:

  • Like many women who go from the corporate space to working for themselves, Tara went from working in the corporate world, filled with pantsuits and “smart professional attire”, to working from home in jeans and yoga pants. She then had to do the work to figure out what her own style really was.
  • Tara talks us through how she wanted to define what “professional” meant in her personal style while also feeling comfort, stylish and energized by her clothing choices.
  • Tara shares how her beliefs around clothes and “being high maintenance” held her back not just in how she dressed but the overall tendency to avoid taking up space and fully showing up in her business.
  • The difference between working with me one-on-one vs. working with me in the workshop (…it’s probably not what you would expect).
  • The realization that she was hiding behind a preppy/ classic style that felt “safe” from her corporate life. Understanding that if she needed to hid behind a safe style she was in the wrong rooms and serving the wrong people.


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