In today’s episode, I’m sharing tips for dressing for speaking engagements. This is one of the MOST requested topics I get asked about on Instagram so I hope this answers your questions.  I want to break this down into two categories of speaking engagements because the strategy behind dressing for speaking engagements of different sizes, differs a little bit. Listen in to hear the difference and how you can leverage your wardrobe to make an unforgettable impression at your next talk or presentation.

In this episode I cover:

-The key differences to keep in mind when dressing for speaking events on a stage and more intimate group settings like a presentation or a networking event.

-How to use color and silhouette to establish your presence on stage.

-The exact outfit details will help you be memorable at smaller, more intimate speaking events like book signings or networking presentations.

-What to be thinking about when it comes to dressing for your personal brand and preparing for your next public speaking event.

-What you need to ask about the venue you will be speaking in to ensure you don’t blend in with your surroundings, making your message less memorable to your audience.

…And a lot more!

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