Episode 9: Capturing Photos That Sell Your Brand with Elle Darcy

April 30, 2020

Why is it important to tell a story in our personal branding photography? How do we tell the stories of our work, businesses and identities well? I’m exploring just that in this episode with my guest, Elle Darcy.  Elle is on a mission to help women to show up like they mean business. She does that by working with her clients to create magnetic brand photography that leverages their online presence and embodies their complete brand story. Elle is also a brand strategist and coach and is dedicated to promoting and celebrating women-owned businesses through mission driven photojournalism. As you’ll hear in this episode, Elle is truly gifted at helping her clients tell every part of their brand story so they can capture the attention of their dream clients. Tune in to hear her tips for capturing the three parts of every brand story, how your photographers should be building trust through their process, and how much you should be prepping before your branding photoshoot.

  • How Elle got into photography from being a brand coach and social media strategist using her background in social work by helping businesses and brands connect emotionally with clients and customers
  • The importance of editing to the brand not the photographers personal aesthetic
  • The three parts of storytelling that need to be reflected  in your personal brand photography:
  1. The Macro- The big picture of your brand story. This is your Why. The thing that made you  start your business.
  2. The Middle- all the things that you do on a daily basis that makes your business work. This is critical for having an impactful brand that people relate to.
  3. The Mirco- the tiny details that emotionally connect us to one another. These are often the most curated aspects of our brand because this reflects how people FEEL when they interact with us and our brand.
  • Why brand photographers should have a strategy to guide the process, not just an intake form.
  • You, as the brand photography client come with the story.  Your brand photographer should help you bring that story to life so you can relax and enjoy the shoot.
  • Why your brand photographer should be building trust through their process well before the day of your shoot.
  • The value of doing a photo package that is spaced out throughout the year.


Elle’s Website: https://www.elledarcy.com/

Elle’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elledarcy/

Support Elle’s efforts to increase visibility for women-owned business during the COVID-19 pandemic here: https://www.elledarcy.com/shopelledarcy

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