Episode 4: How To Use Your Style To Build Your Personal Brand

March 5, 2020

In this episode, I’m breaking down how to think about yourself and your wardrobe as a reflection of your personal brand. Using your wardrobe to embrace your brand is more than just picking out a few cute outfits. It’s about becoming more fully expressed as a business owner, entrepreneur and leader.

Your wardrobe should support you and make you feel like you are representing yourself exactly the way you want and need to in order to show up more fully to spread your message and grow your business. It should also make you feel braver and remind you of not just who you are today but who you’re becoming. The real power of our wardrobes is that they can act as a constant running conversation with ourselves about the women we are working to become. Listen to find out how to embrace yourself every day, not just when you’re giving a talk or putting together a photo shoot.

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