The Self Styled Podcast Episode 3: Making Peace With Your Body With Lisa Carpenter

In this episode of The Self Styled Podcast, I have something really special for you!  Today is the start of my guest episode series and I’m kicking it off with Master Coach, Lisa Carpenter. In this episode, Lisa shares practicable, actionable tools to help you make peace with your body so you can begin to transform your life. If you are someone who thinks that losing weight is going to be the key to feeling better about yourself and healing your relationship with your body, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

-Why SO MANY women struggle with their relationship with their body

-Why we can’t connect to our personal style or sustained weight loss if we don’t make peace with our bodies

-How to begin to make  peace with your body through journaling

-Why you can’t DO your way to a better relationship with your body

– What self care is really about

And so much more! Listen in and enjoy.


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