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Brand-focused wardrobe styling for photo shoots, speaking engagements, and media opportunities.

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I’m here to make sure the most important element of your personal brand — ahem, that’s YOU — looks and feels like a badass boss.

The days of hiding behind your laptop are officially behind you. Between brand photo shoots, live video, mastermind retreats, and speaking engagements, you’re on the path to going from hidden gem to sought-after leader in your space.

You’ve invested in branding experts and copywriters to craft a brand that stands out. Worked with business coaches and masterminds to grow your business and your mindset. Hired speaking coaches to help you perfect that upcoming talk. And built a team of trusted contractors to keep you strictly in your zone of genius.

But having worked with hundreds of women across all industries and business environments, I’ve learned there’s often one key ingredient missing from your personal brand strategy: Style.

Because when it comes to finding the right outfit for that upcoming brand photo shoot, speaking gig, or guest training? That’s when you realize: Nothing hanging in your closet feels right. And nothing feels quite worthy of your ambition or the time, energy, and money you’ve invested in building your brand.

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You’ve designed a business and a life that makes you feel unstoppable.

“I was slowly watching myself being exposed to the world. I had to become more strategic in how I presented myself, because it had the potential of defining me for the rest of my life. That’s when fashion isn’t just fashion, it’s how do you turn it into your tool, rather than being a victim of it.”

— michelle obama

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Ready to learn how to style yourself for any situation life throws at you?
The Style Your Brand Workshop is a five week, small group styling program that teaches you how to create a cohesive, recognizable personal style and make it a reality in your closet. This workshop runs three times a year so hop on the waitlist to be the first to grab your spot in this one of a kind program. 

The STYle Your Brand workshop

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You’ve worked relentlessly to build a memorable, recognizable personal brand. Let’s turn your work wardrobe into an extension of it. During our one-on-one sessions, I’ll act as your style coach and help define your brand’s unique point of view, identify which silhouettes work best with your figure. Then, I’ll create a complete ‘visibility’ capsule wardrobe for your photoshoots, speaking gigs, networking events, and more—so you can finally mean it when you say “I’m going to clean out my closet."

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Tune in to hear my best advice for dressing for your personal brand. From how to find your signature style to dressing for the camera, this isn’t another podcast about clothes. It’s packed with mindset shifts on how you approach your wardrobe. Consider this podcast your guide to using your clothes as a tool that helps you get where you want to go as a personal brand.

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Love Notes

"Nicole's process is about so much more than finding flattering clothes! She brings together her background in publicity and non-verbal communication to help us align our wardrobe with all the different real-life environments that we show up in. From attending a big conference to video meetings, I'm more confident than ever that my brand is completely aligned on and off camera.” 


Love Notes

“Before I did my closet edit with Nicole, I was nervous! As soon as she set foot in my closet I immediately relaxed because of Nicole’s kind and professional approach. This experience went far beyond my expectation of a superficial “this stays and that goes” closet edit. During our time together Nicole completely transformed how I view my body and tapped into the deeper subconscious thought patterns that have prevented me from fully showing up with all my confidence and power in public. She is an absolute MUST HAVE secret weapon if you are looking to step into your highest level of visibility in your business or life.”

Hanneke Antonelli, Business Coach

Love Notes

“I decided to hire Nicole because I felt like my brand and my wardrobe didn't match who I was anymore. My wardrobe had two sections: super comfortable casual, or very corporate attire. I needed clothing that felt more like ME. We accomplished so much in our work together. I was able to do a new branding photo shoot with the clothing we picked out. I've hosted two in-person events since our work together and it was incredible to already have outfits put together. I also feel more confident in my ability to put together outfits on my own. The best part is that I really feel like my style and wardrobe matches ME - my personality.”

Nicole Jackson Miller, Business Coach

Love Notes

“When I hired Nicole I was really feeling in a rut about how I looked and how I felt about myself. It’s hard to feel like a CEO when you’re dressing like a soccer mom living in lululemon. I knew I wanted to show up differently in my work, feel confident during interviews, find my voice during speaking engagements, and feel steady no matter what opportunities came my way.I didn’t want to look like a stuffy pantsuit kind of woman, obviously. I wanted to be comfortable in my own style (which includes lots of rose gold and skulls). Nicole helped me get out of my yoga pants and show up more powerfully for myself and my clients.”   

Sara Intonato, Sara Yoga




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